Outcome of SUSNA AGM

On Wednesday the 30th of March 2022, the Stirling University Scottish Nationalist held its Annual General Meeting.

The AGM was deemed quorate by the Secretary as the members in attendance exceeded 50%+1 of all active members, in line with the SUSNA Constitution. We can confirm that our core executive positions have been filled, as well as several non-core roles.

Our new executive committee consists of 6 student members who lead and direct the society throughout the year.

Our new executive committee:

President: DANTE LOPEZ

Vice-President: ZACK NIVEN

Secretary: LIZZIE BELL

Treasurer: DEAN SMITH

Equalities Officer: MOIRA WOTHERSPOON

Campaigns and Publicity Officer: VACANT


Should you have any questions regarding the election, please contact who will respond to all queries within 48 hours (excluding during exam periods).


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