Important Announcement


It is with great regret that the 2023/24 Executive Committee of the Stirling University Scottish Nationalist Association (SUSNA) announce the suspension of all society activities.

This decision has not been taken lightly and is following several difficult years of decline in both political thought and activism in our universities across Scotland. We remain strong in our belief in an independent Scotland, however, it has become clear that the political landscape has changed here at the University of Stirling and SUSNA can no longer fulfil our constitutional obligations.

In recent months we have seen the University raise accommodation rental charges by 8%, Gerry McCormac taking a nearly £70,000 pay rise, and the Students Union selling out its commercial offerings to the greedy university. In days gone by, this would have caused an uprising amongst the student population at a University which once booed the Queen during a royal visit. However, in 2024 this has all taken place whilst the Student body watches silently from the sidelines.

We hope that this is not the final chapter of SUSNA, a society that has diligently campaigned on behalf of and represented student members and supporters of the SNP here at the University of Stirling since the 1960s and that in coming years there will be a resurgence in political thought amongst the student body not only here in Stirling, but across Scotland and the wider UK.

We wish to thank all of our members, past and present, who have given so much of their time to the society - none of which is in vain. We look forward to the future and campaigning both on and off campus for Scottish Independence.


The Stirling University Scottish Nationalist Association Executive Committee



If you need to get in touch, please contact: .

Please be advised all inboxes will no longer be regularly monitored. If you are a student wishing to recommence society activities, we recommend contacting the University of Stirling Students Union who will be able to advise on the correct procedure for doing so.